Faisal Taher Hi there! I'm Faisal and welcome to my website.

I'm currently working as a software and hardware engineer at Hardy & Ellis Inventions Ltd. My work involves writing both front-end and back-end software applications, and building hardware prototypes for interactive devices and spaces. For example, one of my projects included developing a network discoverable Raspberry Pi LED light device.



My professional interests include software and hardware engineering - ideally a scenario where I'm able to combine both. In the past few months I've taken to programming in Python, which I have found incredibly user friendly, and quick for application development and deployment. Whilst I enjoy writing software applications, I also enjoy designing components by 3D modeling or using Illustrator to then use a 3D printer and laser cutter to fabricate them. I also enjoy experimenting with electronics, for example, one of my projects as a Research Associate at Lancaster University involved constructing different types of actuator prototypes (using electromagnets, Shape-Memory Alloy, hydraulics, etc.).

In my spare time I enjoy photography, playing guitar, going to the gym, sketching, and if I can get a chance, playing some form of sport.

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